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    Each session provides:

    • Critical insights into the drivers of industry conditions, now and later. 
    • Implications of game-changing market events and developments.
    • Forward-looking inputs that impact business strategy, key decisions, resource allocation.

    Topic 1: The Meaningful Outside: The 21st Century Environment

    • Big Food companies were built for large worlds but now forced to operate by small-world rules. Each customer has a different service criterion to suit their financial needs and operational structures. Meanwhile, downward price pressure from hard discounters and private label are throttling industry margins. Let’s talk about what it all means.

    Topic 2: A Radical New Approach to Food Industry Innovation

    • Chief executives know that innovation is central to their organizations’ growth objectives, yet old and inefficient practices remain in the absence of better alternatives. Re-setting the approach and thinking around innovation reduces costs, risk, and failures, with methodologies that elevate it to a Profession inside the organization.

    Topic 3: Corporate Strategy Imperatives for Today's Food Industry

    • The most important thing on the CEO’s agenda, shareholders are waking up to strategy as more than statements of activity. Growth reported in fractions or in pockets of categories or brands will not enable winning. Strategy is about placing bets and making difficult choices around doing three important things consistently better than anyone else. What are they?

    Topic 4: Investor-Grade Business Models and Growth Engine Design

    • Despite seismic shifts in the operating environment, food company Business Models remain unchanged. Defined as the logic for how a company generates value for consumers, customers and itself, business models are expiring faster than ever. Here’s the gold standard approach used by thousands of companies to position your organization for the future of the food industry.

    Topic 5: 2018 Marked the End of the Food Industry as We Know It

    • Disruption and acceleration are driven by how consumers live, work and play, making many long-standing industry practices obsolete. Implications of unexpected and unstoppable new forces will not wait for organizations to catch up. This session will equip executives with knowledge of what’s ahead to enable better navigation and control over their organization’s future.
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